Price per provider Premium EHR Premium EHR & Billing OB/GYN EHR OB/GYN EHR & Billing
List Price $300.00 $350.00 $350.00 $400.00
Setup & Implementation $1495.00 $1995.00 $1495.00 $1995.00
ONC Certified
Support Email/Phone Email/Phone Email/Phone Email/Phone
*Training On Site On Site On Site On Site
Patient Web Portal
Mobile App
(Iphone, Ipad, & Android)
Hundreds of Specialty Forms
*Meaningful Use Certification (Stage 1 & 2)
Multi-specialty Groups
Import of Patient Demographics
*Laboratory/HIE/Rad Interfaces
Template Customizations
*Insurance Eligibility Checking
*Incoming/Outgoing eFax
Patient Intake via Tablet/iPad
*Appointment Reminders Email/Text/Call Email/Text/Call Email/Text/Call Email/Text/Call
Medscan (Batch Document Scanning)
Local Backup
CCDA Patient Import
*CCDA Patient Export
*Electronic Medical Billing X X
*Electronic Remittance Advice X X
OB/GYN Module X X

(*) Additional cost apply.

Medgen Price Transparency Document

Note: All List Prices are per provider per month. We provide discounts for group practices, please contact us for additional details.