Web-based EHR System

This web-based system requires no maintenance from the physician’s side.
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Medgen EHR Top Features

ONC Certified, PQRS and
accountable care reporting
Mobile app with voice dictation powered by Nuance
Intuitive interface maximizes EHR efficiency and user satisfaction
Modular setup for
easy customization
Fully customized templates,
interfaces and workflows
Disease management workflow designs, patient compliance tracking
web-based ehr system

Medgen EHR

Medgen EHR believes that all medical practices should have access to affordable healthcare technology and professional services to increase efficiency, decrease overhead and improve patient care.

Our proprietary, cost-effective electronic health records system features maximized usability and provider satisfaction. Medgen EHR is easily customizable, allowing medical practices to tailor the EHR to the specific workflow requirements of their practice or sub-specialty.

Our Medgen EHR mobile app with voice recognition allows clinicians to document care on a smartphone or tablet easily and conveniently using voice. Powered by industry leading dictation software from Nuance, our mobile app enables clinicians to remain mobile while accessing their customized Medgen EHR.

With Medgen EHR, physicians can document care and run reports with as few clicks as possible, including embedded Meaningful Use, PQRS and accountable care reporting. Clinicians will notice a major improvement in efficiency, as well as an increase in productivity, user satisfaction and revenue.