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Certified Cloud-Based OB/GYN EHR

Our ONC-certified OB/GYN EHR makes it easy to deliver high-quality care to your patients.

Medgen monitors the progress of a pregnancy so that no test or referral is ever missed. In addition, Medgen will guide you through high-risk pregnancies and manage and reduce the liabilities associated with such cases.
It manages long term preventive care and chronic health issues, while documenting and tracking pregnancy progress and managing risks.


Eliminate stress and improve patient outcome with automated care plans.

Designed and built for busy OB/GYN offices, Medgen is fully customizable to suit your clinic’s preferences.


Prenatal Care

Track progress of pregnancy as well as document each visit. Graph EFW using Hadlock, Wlliams, Brenner, and Shepard. Calculate EDD and record each visit. The system will alert you of all necessary procedures, tests and more that are due for each visit. Easily document GYN or non-OB related visits.

Top Features for OB/GYN Practices

Electronic antepartum and postpartum forms
Secure electronic messaging
with patients
Ultrasound report
Complete audit trail
Built-in EFW graphs
EDD Calculator
Ultrasound DICOM
Pre-visit OB questionnaires
(Available in English and Spanish)
Automated patient
Standard care plans for
high risk pregnancies
Patient education based
on potential problems
Interface with your current
laboratory facilities