Professional Services

Medgen EHR believes that all medical practices should have access to affordable healthcare technology and professional services to increase efficiency and improve patient care. Former clinicians and clinical managers developed our proprietary, cost-effective electronic health records system with ease of use in mind.  Here are some areas your practice can benefit:

Operational Efficiency

  • Staffing patterns, support and expertise
  • Facilities, supplies and resource optimization
  • Business operations and planning
  • Financial management
  • Scheduling and patient flow
  • Communications and workflow, including time and motion studies for process optimization



Revenue Cycle Analysis

  • Analyzing revenue cycle management staffing, payer mix and billing processes
  • Analyzing accounts receivable data and physician documentation coding practices
  • Using technology to maximize the effectiveness of revenue cycle management processes
  • Comparing your practice to key performance indicator benchmarks

Revenue Cycle Services

  • Chart audits – Performed remotely or on site
  • Coding history review – Benchmarking against MGMA data to identify risk areas and missed opportunities
  • E&M documentation review and improvement suggestions
  • Provider and staff education based on chart audit outcomes
  • Billing/coding compliance planning



Workflow Solutions

  • Patient access
  • Reception services
  • Telephone customer service
  • Pharmacology planning
  • Referral and test management
  • Patient arrival, check in, encounter management and check out
  • Scheduling methodologies for physicians and staff

Professional Services

  • Gain new efficiencies and increased revenues with best practice charge capture
  • Robust end to end billing model, with key content experts assigned to your practice
  • Real time eligibility verification
  • Insurance follow up on unpaid/appeals/denied claims
  • Patient counseling
  • Insurance credentialing services
  • Robust chart audits
  • Manage internal labor costs more effectively

Because Medgen EHR is customized to meet the specific workflow requirements of any medical practice, physicians can document, chart, schedule, enter orders and run reports with far fewer clicks than traditional one-size-fits-all EHRs. Typical EHR systems cripple medical practices with multi-screen processes and click-through inefficiencies that force physicians to see fewer patients each day. With Medgen EHR, everything can be customized on the fly by your team or ours. Our comprehensive training empowers physicians to easily design, develop and manipulate the EHR platform in a way that best suits their workflow.